by Full Lungs

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released January 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Full Lungs Minsk, Belarus

Melodic punk/emo/reggae

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Track Name: Extinction
We are constantly searching for
The ways to change the flow of events
That went beyond the brink of desires
Following expectations and thoughts
Formed in the past with an eye to tomorrow
I am not who I was before but I stay quite the same

Should we turn back? It felt so perfect when we started,
giving everything that we have, thinking it's the only way.
Every sound that I make, every word of my monologue
reminds me of time when I was feeling broken because of words unspoken
I'm not who I was before, my route lays through the different points and expectations changed. I am tired to convince myself that things gonna change.

Exciting theatrical lie
Has never changed anything
Exciting theatrical lie
Has never changed anyone's faith
Dictated decisions has never been best ones
Track Name: Nonsense
This is your life you're wrong
But on the right way leading to your home
We can't stick together these parts of the broken hearts
We're all blame for what we feel at this time

I believe in you and me
The day we'll die we'll finally free
You should give up the past

What is the consequence of all our dreams
If your cannot bear just put it out of you and me
Let each awful word do everything themselves
Don't leave them in your mind putting into your new grave
Your life still waiting over for the last train home
With people that you hate, with children who have never won
When your lifetime is over
Just hold your hand and show the way that you should lead

On your own
Track Name: Questions
You don't need arms to beat the force
You don't need voice to make a noise
You don't need doubts
It's hard to change direction until you moving it yourself
Just turn aside

I've never gave a fuck
About the things I don't belong to
I am scared of what I started to hate
What is left?
What we are looking for in depth of our thoughts
Will you be sincere after the routine you loved will disappear

All we want the reasons to believe
All we want the questions we will find out the answers

Can you count the number of ways that you could go
Will you lead one of these or wait for impact
Track Name: Answers
Nothing means everything when we start losing ourselves and don't fight
and we can not feel or figure it out
Hands cannot stop shaking and shades of past is rising like symptoms
until you climb the stairway of broken bones
all loaded by you guns are aimed at you
and then you wake up but nothing is left, nothing at all
the day we sweared to never give up is going past so fast

But we are still waking up at night hearing its footsteps
have you ever thought that you would feel so broken stopped chasing your light?
I have not, but I feel and no more bad or good signs if you see one
I can not hear my voice and all I have ever heard is noise

Noise like emptiness, too obvious to dream, too unreal to believe
Track Name: Pulse
What is going on?
Who could ever know?
We will fall
Indifference in our minds
For too long
We were cold and now it's time to
Admit out fault and go ahead
To climb the walls

If there is no hope there is no way for things to change
If there was no dream we would keep silence
This inconvenience impacts us, this discomfort is the fuel
This incompleteness is the reason to keep moving

Have you ever felt the pulse?
Have you ever felt?
I'll keep my word to make it real
Keep believeing that water can break the stone
The sun goes down but the lights turn on

Time is running out
The broken dreams will not come true
The story goes so far
Dry leaves are going to fall down

Time is running out

Heart by heart
Word by word
Track Name: EM
It's sad that people need guns to protect their lives, it's so ironic.
I wish I could go to a wonderful place that comes from my mind and stay there.

What do we need to be happy?
Why do we hurt ourselves?

It's sad, but governments need armies and wars to protect their borders
And to expand the borders.
These borders, that come from our minds
And restrain us

There is no chance to cry
When your lungs are full of laughter
After all this shit we've got to know
Why do we care about it?
Why do we think about what we've lost
When we still have so much left.
All profundities help us to see
The great power of mountains